Fagerhult ✕ Swegon


Fagerhult is launching a new service in partnership with Swegon, that bundles smart lighting and indoor climate with two integrated control system. Air quality, temperature and light are important factors that affects both our health and our ability to perform.

Waking hours mostly spent indoors

Nowadays, we spend most of our days indoors, which means a good indoor climate is important for our wellbeing.

We are highly sensitive to fluctuations in temperature and lighting. Lighting has a major impact on how we perceive our work environment. Partly visually in order to do our jobs, but also from a well-being perspective with the option to change the colour temperature or light intensity for optimal comfort. Air quality and indoor temperature are two other important factors at a workplace. A work environment with poor air quality or the wrong temperature is unpleasant and also affects our health and performance.

Poor lighting and an inadequately adjusted indoor climate can result in headaches, muscle tension and difficulty concentrating.


Together, we can make a big impact to the perceived indoor climate.


The WISE system controls the indoor climate according to needs, i.e. ventilation, heating and comfort cooling. The main purpose of WISE is to adjust the indoor climate to perfectly match needs. It ensures appropriate ventilation, cooling and heating: not too much, which costs energy, nor too little, which has a negative impact on comfort. That is; only when needed and as much as needed. 

When the future is a part of the plan

Construction of a property is a complex project involving numerous operators who need to work together in various sub-projects. Each and every one of them is an expert with a focus on what they are required to deliver. Therefore it is not strange that uncertainties and suboptimal elements crop up occasionally. An array of smart systems exists today at our workplaces. Along with these systems a potential frustration might rise that these systems do not communicate with each other. They often require their own set-ups and accessories, such as presence sensors or remote controls.

Controlling indoor climate and lighting is an example of two systems able to interact in a smarter way. In this partnership, Swegon and Fagerhult are reducing the number of products for the end-customer by combining two effective and future-proof solutions – Organic Respons and WISE – using the same sensor technology.

- Two systems, two solutions,
but simpler use.


Fagerhult ✕ Swegon 

Organic Response

Fagerhult’s wireless Plug and Play system Organic Response has been developed specifically for workplaces of various sizes. The sensors are integrated into the luminaire, which just needs to be connected to the mains for the system to start running. You can adjust the basic settings and start the system with ease, using the app.


A limited collaboration.

Available in Sweden only.