Straight lines, right angles

Discover Notor 36 in recycled aluminium – now also in a new, optimised format.

Bioinclusive Lighting

Lighting solutions that meet people’s need for light, in balance with the ecosystem.


A role model in a new light with several unique changes for the future.

Smart Lighting

No light wasted. No energy wasted.
No space wasted.

Induflex Sport

An energy-efficient and robust luminaire suitable for all types of halls and venues – no matter the activity or ceiling height.

Recesso Delta

Optimised for suspended ceilings with visible T-bars, now also with microprismatic louvre.

Recipe of Light

An easy visualisation of different lighting solutions - now also in individual office, meeting room and classroom.

Re:Furbish × DTI

Update your outdated DTI luminaires with our standard kit.


Weatherproof posttop luminaires adapted to our Nordic climate with high performance and good light comfort.