Light guides

Schools and learning environments

There are different types of lighting solutions suitable for different age groups and educational aspects. A well-planned learning environment increases the student’s potential to participate in the education and enables them to maintain their concentration during long work sessions.


The classroom is a dynamic place, where many teaching activities should be able to be carried out. It is also a place of tranquillity and security that promotes learning. With our lighting solutions, our aim is to be involved in the creation of an inclusive learning environment.

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Classrooms with pendant lighting

In classrooms, it is important to have a good balance between direct light at workspaces and ambient lighting against walls and ceilings. Our suspended luminaires distribute light efficiently without glare, providing even lighting in the workspace.

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Classrooms with recessed lighting

If you want a cleaner ceiling look, you can choose a recessed solution for classrooms. Moving the luminaires further out towards the walls is worth considering to get more light on the walls, and to supplement this with well shielded board lighting.

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Corridors and open spaces

Corridors are not just connecting areas, they can also be feature or destination areas throughout the school. A good communication area is intended to facilitate movement, the flow of people and to provide structure in the building.

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Libraries and reading rooms

The classic school library has been modernized due to digitization, but it still holds the various classic functions. Here students have the opportunity to study, group work or information search.

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Auditoriums and lecture halls

In an auditorium or lecture halls, there should be room for both unusual and everyday teaching. But whether it is a final test, a concert or a presentation, the light in the room must be able to be adapted so that the experience is optimal.

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Multi-purpose halls

Modern indoor facilities for sports and exercise are usually connected to schools. Being able to make maximum use of the sports hall is a must. It is an area that is often used for schooling during the day and by the school / local community in the evenings and weekends.

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School grounds

The school's learning environments also continue outside the classroom. Outdoors, we have an equally important part of the school's environments, the opportunity for relaxation and recovery in the school yard.

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